about myself

I'm a happy soul driven by the constant search for improvement. After several years of formal education in information technology, the business side of life started to gain more and more of my interest and I started my first venture.

Following one year as Entrepreneur, I found the way back to Austria and started my path as Product Manager, which I'm happily following for several years already.

Professional interests

  • Product Management (B2B focus)
  • User/Customer (UX/CX) and Product Experience (PX)
  • Personal Development, Leadership and Mentoring
  • Project Management
  • Process Optimization

Personal interests

  • Traveling (6/7 continents, 25/195 countries)
  • Reading and learning
  • Playing the piano
  • Photography & videography

Notable Achievements

Product Manager

Bitmovin, Vienna

Taking the next step and helping shaping a video tech scale-up is exhilarating! I'm happy to have joined Bitmovin in March 2019 and contributing to the growth of this great company by driving the product experience of all our products.

Product Lead

Firstbird, Vienna

My time at this great HR start-up beginning in January 2016 and transitioning into a Product role at the management level in 2017 helped me experience and learn many ins and outs of early product and company development.

CTO & Co-Founder

Backpack Consulting, London

The beginning of my entrepreneurial journey as tech lead and co-founder of a travel start-up in London, which I started together with a colleague while finishing my MSc Technology Entrepreneurship at UCL.

Contact Me

I'm happy to share my knowledge and I'm open for opportunities of any kind. Just get in touch and let's go from there.